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traditional Japanese cloth


blue color
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purple color

red color
Our Furoshiki three colors blue, purple and red.

This goods is Japanese tradional one "FUROSHIKI" .

Furoshiki spirits is Japanese traditional "WA" as AIKIDO

This Furoshiki size is 1m Square.

"AKIKIDO" words was written by grand master MORIHEI UESHIBAI.

Furoshiki is very useful, you can pack as you like.


This furoshiki material is indigo blue cotton.
If you pack weat close in this, this Furoshiki dyed blue to weat close.
Please be careful.

Big Gi Bag with AIKIDO print \3,025

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Big Gi Bag \3,025

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Small Gi Bag \2,485

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・This is made for Gi bag.
Big type is height 48cm width 42cm.
Small type is height 40cm width 30cm

・Making same Material Gi natural type and these are very strong

・Big type for adlut. small type for children.

・Big type has no print and with print AIKIDO.

・If you order Big Gi bag, please indicate with print or no print.

・You can embroider on this bag you indicate us.

Bamboo Sheath ZOURI(SANDAL)

Bamboo Sheath ZOURI is Japanese room sandal.
You can use this in room or Dojo moving.
This is made by Japanese Bamboo Sheath, feeling comfortable.

M & L 2,160jpy.
XL 2,365jpy

Tote Bag 40

This bag is made of the same material as the Iwata GI.
This bag is the same as that of the Iwata GI, so it is made very sturdy.
Also this bag is made in the same factory as Iwata GI so very sewing is polite.

This bag can be used for daily use as well as carrying clothes.

height 36cm width upper 47.5cm under 30cm depth 18cm

Four color red mosgreen brown blue

PRICE \4,320

Knee guard

The knee guards are for the valley.
This sturdy supporter also protects your knees in Aikido.