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Wide Black Belt


Wide Black Belt

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Wide Black Belt
Wide Black Belt
Wide Black Belt
Wide Black Belt
Wide Black Belt
Wide Black Belt
Wide Black Belt
Price ¥7,200~
Item # baiki
Stock 20
Please note that the number of items in stock is only a guide. Some items may be out of stock due to size.

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For belt size, please refer the following and indicate it in the memo
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Width: 7.5cm
Stitches: 20 Lines
Material: 100% Hachijo Cotton
This belt was designed for Aikido practitioners.
The length is approximately 3.5 times the waist size allowing for multiple wraps around the waist.
Final size depends on the customer’s waist size
For its shrinkage, belts are made longer for 2-3cm than the specified length

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The width of the Wide Black Belt can be changed anywhere between 6 cm and 7.5 cm.
If you require a change in width it would be considered a custom order.
* We also accept custom orders. Please see details here.

*International Orders include an additional packing fee.

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