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Color Belt


Color Belt

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Color Belt
Color Belt
Price ¥1,500~
Item # bc
Stock 988
Please note that the number of items in stock is only a guide. Some items may be out of stock due to size.

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Seven colors are available. Red, Yellow, Purple, Light Blue, Pink, Green, and Orange.

Color will bleed. Please wash separately or with like colors.

Click here for Embroidery
Please note: White belts, Bleached belts, and Colored belts are embroidered after assembly. Stitching is visible on the reverse side.

<Size list >
size length
0 205cm
1 215cm
2 225cm
3 245cm
4 265cm
5 285cm
6 305cm
* We also accept custom orders. Please see details here.

*International Orders include an additional packing fee.

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