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Black Belt A


Black Belt A

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Black Belt A
Black Belt A
Black Belt A
Black Belt A
Black Belt A
Black Belt A
Black Belt A
Price ¥3,000~
Item # bba
Stock 803
Please note that the number of items in stock is only a guide. Some items may be out of stock due to size.

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Width: 4.2cm
Stitches: 12 Lines
Material: 100% Cotton
This belt is made from black cotton cloth and is manufactured for longer use and increased durability.
It discolors while using and washing over time.
*Iwata’s Black Belt is softer than general. We accept custom offers of width,
thickness and hardness. Please feel free to ask us.

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<Size list >
For its shrinkage, belts are made longer for 2-3cm than the specified length
size length
0 205cm
1 215cm
2 225cm
3 245cm
4 265cm
5 285cm
6 305cm
To determine belt size, please take your waist size x 2 and add 80cm-100cm (Wx2+80-100)
In addition to the standard sizes, we can accept orders for non-standard belt lengths.
The price will be calculated by its length.
* We also accept custom orders. Please see details here.

*International Orders include an additional packing fee.

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