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Name Emborider(Unbleached White, Bleached White and Color) Belt


Name Emborider(Unbleached White, Bleached White and Color) Belt

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Name Emborider(Unbleached White, Bleached White and Color) Belt
Price ¥0~
Item # nbwc
Stock 28
Please note that the number of items in stock is only a guide. Some items may be out of stock due to size.

Available option

Embroidery Memo

Please enter the desired character(s)/,Font(s), Location(s) and so on here. (Please see "Description)
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*Due to system constraints, the price of embroidered products is displayed as ¥0.

Iwata Shokai will embroider any Belts ordered through the website.
*Please order embroidery for each product individually.
Iwata Shokai usually keeps white/bleached/colored belts in stock for the convenience of our customers. Embroidery will be added to these belts when requested. (In this case, the embroidery is visible on the back of the belt as well)

Location: Iwata label side, side without Iwata label
Orientation: Vertical
Font size: Approximately 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm
Color: 30 colors available
Character types that can be embroidered: Kanji / hiragana / katakana / English alphabet / numbers
Typeface(s): Japanese Kai-sho(block) / Japanese Gyo-sho(cursive) / Block(English Alphabets) / Cursive(English Alphabets)

The typeface is only meant to be embroidered in that typeface.
If you choose a Japanese typeface, it does not mean that we will undertake the translation.
If you wish to have Japanese embroidery, please enter the desired Japanese in the memo.

Embroidery type: Non-standard (Belt embroidered after assembly).

Please enter the desired character(s)/Font(s) in the "Embroidery memo" field.
Please specify the product name and size(incl. color) when purchasing multiples of the same item.
①Iwata label side ② side without Iwata label
Embroidery memo:【 Example A : ①岩田】【 Example B : ①岩田 ②贈マイケル】【 Example C : ①岩田商会道場 岩田】
【 Example D : Bleached White Belt size3L:①マイケル ②●●dojo】

** If the cursive font is selected, English words/names are limited to horizontal.
For other fonts(Japanese block, cursive and English block), will be embroidered vertical unless otherwise specified(for horizontal embroidery for these fonts, please indicate in the embroidery memo field).

* Depending on the shape of the characters and the overall balance, either the vertical or horizontal direction may be less than 2.5 cm.
*Names outside of the above parameter must be made as a custom order.
Please contact us by email or phone if this is required.

Click here for more information on embroidery

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