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>Reference Table >Dogi / HAKAMA / Belts
>Weapons case >Furoshiki / Dogi bag
>Color Samples >Color Samples Bleached/Unbleached
>Color Sample Indigo
>Character/Font Samples >Character Count
>Embroidery memo field examples >Custom Order Embroidery

All products manufactured by Iwata Shokai can be embroidered but it is added to the order as an "option".
Please See Details Here.
*Due to system constraints, the price of embroidered products is displayed as ¥0.

The standard font size for embroidery is approximately 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm for dogi and black belts, and approximately 1.6 cm x 1.6 cm for other products.
The overall balance and aesthetics are taken into consideration when embroidering. Based on the embroidery location, size, and the number of characters, font size may be a few millimeters to 1 cm larger(or shorter) than the standard size(s).
Additionally, embroidery space is limited. If it is a long name, the font size will be reduced accordingly to make it fit at the designated location.
Size may also change depending on the font selected. E.g. Alphabet,, Katakana, Hiragana, etc.

Dogi Jacket&Pants / HAKAMA / Belts

■Dogi Jacket
Embroidery can be placed on the right sleeve/left sleeve or hem of a dogi jacket.
The standard text orientation is horizontal when on the right or left sleeve and vertical when on the hem of the jacket.
Font size is appx. 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm
Up to 8 characters can be embroidered on the sleeve per line. We will adjust the font size based on the size of the dogi and the number of characters.

■Dogi Pants
Embroidery can be placed on the front right side of the dogi pants.
Font size is appx 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm

Embroidery can be placed on the right rear side of the hakama or the inside or outside of the koshiita(backboard). The standard is vertical on the right rear and horizontal inside/outside of the koshiita.
The font size is appx. 1.6 cm x 1.6 cm

* Please Note: (common to both, Inside and outside. )
There is a limit of 2 rows consisting of 12 characters.
We will adjust the font size according to the number of lines and characters.

Please Note: Belt embroidery varies from product to product.
embroidery (excluding unbleached white belts, bleached white belts, and colored belts), is done before sewing the belt closed. Traces of the embroidery can not be seen on the reverse side of the belt. (Standard/embroidered before assembly) and this means different characters can be on front and reverse sides of the same side of the belt.
The belt stitching will be visible on top of the embroidery.
At Iwata Shokai, "embroidered before assembly" is the standard embroidering process.

■For Iwata Shokai Unbleached white belts, bleached white belts and colored belts, which are kept in stock, the embroidery stitching is visible on the reverse of the belt. This is because the belts are embroidered after assembly(Non-Standard)

Standard Font Size Location Embroidery type Type Change
Black belt A, B, C and brown Appx. 2.5㎝×2.5㎝ Both Sides and Front and Reverse Sides Standard (embroidered before assembly) Yes
Aiki Belt/YUI Appx.1.6㎝×1.6㎝ Front(surface) Label side and Side without label Standard (embroidered before assembly) Yes
Unbleached white, Bleached white and color belts Appx.2.5㎝×2.5㎝ Front(surface) Label side and Side without label Non-Standard(Belt embroidered after assembly.Visible reverse side). No
Product selection and embroidery selection are two different forms.
If you wish to embroider a product, when purchasing, please select the embroidery option when selecting the product.
In the options, please select the number of characters, embroidery color, font, and embroidery location.
Then enter the desired character(s) in the memo field.
* For embroidered products, please see the individual product description column or Please click here
For those that wish to convert a non-Japanese word into katakana, if you are unable to do so yourself, please contact us before placing the order.
Please Note:
When using katakana, there may be some discrepancy between the Japanese pronunciation and native pronunciation
If there is a discrepancy in the number of characters selected and the number of characters in the memo field, the order can not be executed.
* In such cases, we will contact you by email to clarify and re-order.

Weapons Case

■the location is marked in blue in (figure:) This is appx. the center of the case.
Size: 1.6 cm x 1.6 cm.
Iwata Shokai produces 6 types of weapon bags, and although the length and width will differ depending on the weapon for which it is designed the font size of embroidery will not change.

-If embroidery is selected, it will be embroidered on a name tag for insertion into the case pocket for the Bokuto & Jo Case with shoulder strap.
Vertical text is the standard for embroidery for this product.
The size of the name pocket is 5 cm x 3.7 cm, and there is a limit to the number of characters. Shoulder cases are limited to a maximum of 2 lines 5 characters each.
Two kanji characters (approx. 1.6 cm x 1.6 cm),.
More than 2 characters, image △, note reduction in the size of characters.
* The size of the characters in the image △ is approximately 8mm × 8mm

Furoshiki / Dogi bag

■Furoshiki are embroidered in the corner below "合気道”
Font size: 1.6 cm x 1.6 cm.

■Dogi bags are embroidered above the Iwata Shokai Trademark Label.
Font Size: 1.6 cm x 1.6 cm.
For the non-standard embroidery location and sizes, please click here.

Color Samples
Color Samples Bleached/Unbleached
Iwata Shokai offers a large variety of colors for embroidery.
* Black is generally used for dogi, and Gold on hakama and black belts.

Example only. Color may vary on the actual product.
Caution: These samples are for bleach/unbleached products.



Indigo-dyed hakama gradually change color due to use and washing. Usually, the initial deep purple color lightens and brightens to blue. (Caution: Images are for reference only)


Post Use

Caution: These images are just for reference. Due to the dying process every Indigo garment differs slightly in color.

Character/Font Samples
Characters available: Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, English, Numbers
Typeface(s): Japanese Kai-sho(block), Japanese Gyo-sho(cursive), Block(English Alphabets), Cursive(English Alphabets, horizontal only)

The typeface is only meant to be embroidered in that typeface.
If you choose a Japanese typeface, it does not mean that we will undertake the translation.
If you wish to have Japanese embroidery, please enter the desired Japanese in the memo.

For not available characters and typeface, here will be a link.

Character Count
How to count letters
"." "・" Commas and periods are counted.
11 characters

Spaces are not counted.
10 characters
①②③④⑤ ⑥⑦⑧⑨⑩

Numbers are counted as one character.
3 characters
  1 12 123 
 ① ② ③ 

4 characters
 ①② ③ ④ 

Embroidery memo field examples
When requesting embroidery, there is an "embroidery memo" field in which to provide details.
This memo will contain the exact information that will be embroidered on your product, so please execute caution and double-check for errors.

■If you wish to embroider multiple locations on one item, please note the following.
Please indicate the SPECIFIC location of the requested embroidery.
Dogi, Hakama Koshiita(backboard), and belts have multiple locations that can be embroidered.
Please be highly specific in the memo field as to the desired location.
Products which can be embroidered in multiple locations will have a number for each location.
Right sleeve → 1 Left sleeve → 2 hem of the jacket→ 3.
When entering details in the embroidery memo please specify the location number, followed by the characters required.
Each location must be entered individually.

[Example A Dogi Jacket: 1.岩田萬吉 3.岩田]
[Example B Black belt: 1.岩田ツル 3.祝昇段]
[Example C Aiki belt: 1.アルマンド 2.贈 岩田]

* Please carefully check the shopping cart for mistakes before confirming your order.
Products for which the location for embroidery must be specified: Dogi (pants), Hakama, Weapon's case, Jo・bokuto shoulder case, Dogi bag, Furoshiki.
For the above products, the location of the embroidery is fixed. It is not necessary to specify a location.

■Embroidery Orientation
For some products manufactured by Iwata Shokai the customer can choose the orientation of the embroidery. e. g., Vertical or Horizontal.
However, some other products can only be embroidered one way and no choice is available to the customer.

Embroidery Reference Table

If you have a request for the orientation of the embroidery(on the products which you can choose it), please specify it on the embroidery memo.
(For the cursive font of English names are limited to horizontal. )
[Example A Dogi jacket: 1.Vertical 岩田]
[Example Black belt B 1.Smith 2.AIKIDO both horizontally]

■Handling of space
When specifying details in the embroidery memo field, spaces entered will also be reproduced.
If you want to connect your last name and first name, please enter without a space between them.
If you would like a space, please enter a space between them.
 岩田 つる 

■Two or more lines of embroidery
If you wish to embroider two or more lines, please enter that in the embroidery memo field.
The embroidery for Hakama(on right, rear) is vertical. If two or more lines are embroidered, the head of the second line will become indented.
(If there are 3 or more lines the text will continued to be staggered.)
Horizontal embroidery such as the sleeve of the dogi or the hakama koshiita has both lines centered.

Custom Order Embroidery
1.If anything other than standard size(s) and location(s) are required.
* There is a limit to the size based on location.
2.If you require traditional Chinese characters or simplified Chinese characters
3.If you wish to embroider on the chest of the dogi
4.If you wish to embroider a family crest, mark, logo, etc. that requires a design
5.If you wish to embroider symbols, etc.

If you require any of the above please contact us by email and we will provide a quote.
Some Embroidery may not be possible depending on the position and request.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.