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FAQ (International)

※Please contact us by Email, Phone, Fax or here if you have any additional questions.

I ordered the incorrect size. Can I exchange or return it?
We do not accept items for return or exchange that are the result of customer error.
please consider sizes carefully.
How can I track a shipment?
If shipped by FedEx you will receive a tracking number.
Please visit the FedEx site to track the shipment.
If shipped by EMS (Japan Post) , Iwata Shokai will send you a tracking number in the “Shipping Confirmation” email.
Additionally, please check the tracking site of the post office, or partner shipping service, in your destination country.
How long will it take for my shipment to arrive?
For international shipments delivery time can vary greatly based on the destination country, season (holidays), etc.
Additionally, the time required for Duty and Customs varies greatly by country.
You will be able to track your shipment status directly with FedEx or EMS (Japan Post) with the tracking number(s) provided.
I am ordering item(s) as a gift. Can I specify a delivery date?
Unfortunately, due to the many factors outside of our control when shipping internationally, we can not guarantee orders will be delivered by a particular date.
How much will Customs/Duty/Tax be for my shipment?
We are sorry but Iwata has no control or information about the Customs/Duty/Tax of individual countries.
Please contact them directly.
If I order a dogi/hakama and weapons can they be shipped together?
If the shipment does not exceed the requirements for weight and size set by the shipping company (eg FedEx, EMS, etc) we will send it as one shipment.
If we are unable to do so you will be contacted by Iwata Shokai.
Can I order items for delivery in Japan from outside of Japan?
Yes. Please change the selected language for the website to Japanese and you will be able to order for domestic delivery.
If you are unable to order in Japanese please contact us by Phone, Email, or Fax.
How long do shipments take?
In Stock (No Embroidery) Within 3
In Stock (Embroidered) Appx. 10
Out of Stock 2-4 Weeks
Custom Orders 2-4 Weeks
Cotton Hakama 2-4 Weeks
I have a question that is not answered in the FAQ.
Please feel free to contact us by email. phone, or fax.