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How to order

Please enter your order details and options and pay by cart.
・Payment method
・Credit card
You can choose.

Shipping and taxes required in Japan are not required.
* Packing material fee of 800 yen will be charged separately
Customers are responsible for any customs duties.
The customs duty amount varies from country to country, so please check with your country's customs office.
Products will be shipped by FEDEX or EMS.

If you would like to make a large order at the dojo or make a special order that cannot be used at the internet shop, please email us. 

Please check this page
(Orders by email and prices at online shops are different)

Name embroider

Embroidery Color Samples
Normally we stitch Black on Dogi, and Gold-Brown on and Black Belt.
If you want other colors, choose from following options.

※Color may vary slightly from image.

We first embroider the fabric and then make the black belt.
With this methodthere is no trace of embroidery on the lining and the thread passes over thename embroidery. White belt, Bleached white belt and color belt, We embroider on thefinished product.
This method produces embroidery marks on the lining.

About embroidery
Embroidery costs a word per place. If you want to put embroidery in two places, you will be charged a word fee for each place. The words in this case can be family names, first names, middle names, dojo names, sayings, etc.

Please note that when ordering embroidery, if the number of desired wordsand the number of words in the cart differ, it will be canceled and you willhave to order again.

IWATA (only family name, that is one word)
EMI IWATA(family name and first name those are two words)
IWATA AIKIDO(family name and sayings, those are two words)

If you wish to embroider on the product, please write the details of the embroidery on the order memo after entering the options.
If you would like to translate the name into Japanese, please write the name you want to embroider in the alphabet.
We will translate your name.
(No claim, no return for this translation)
If you have the desired Kanji or Katakana, please email us the image file after ordering.

Changes after ordering
If you do not have embroidery, you can change or cancel after ordering until the same day or the next business day. If you have an embroidery or a custom order, we accept changes and cancellations of your order up to two business days.

Return policy
・ Please contact us in advance before returning
・ Only items purchased at the Iwata Online Store will be accepted
・ Returns will only be accepted if the item arrives within a week.
・ Customers are responsible for shipping charges for returns.
When you return the product, please treat it as a returned product. Please return to the Iwata Shokai as they will be returned. Please use a shipping company that can track your shipment. ・ Items that can be returned must be unused or unopened.
・ Processed products (embroidered items, custom-made items) cannot be returned.
・ 80% of the amount paid will be refunded.
・ If you wish to exchange the products, please pay the difference.
In addition, if the amount to be refunded comes out, it will be refunded at the points of the Iwata Online Store.

If the item is damaged or something different from what you ordered
・ If the item is damaged, please let us know within 1 week after the item arrives.
 (If it is more than a week, it will be difficult to judge that this item was sent a damaged item before shipping.)
・ Please let us know within 2 weeks if you receive something different from what you ordered.
* Please note that we cannot accept returns for items that have been used even once.
・ Please take a photo of the wrong product or damaged part and send it to Iwata Shokai.
・ Iwata will send you a return e-mail, so please select either return or genuine product exchange.
 (In that case, you may be asked to return it)
・ We will respond by email later.