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Ordering (International)

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Product price
International Orders include an additional packing fee.
We are sorry but Iwata Shokai cannot give an itemization of the additional shipping costs. This is because the additional fee is not pre-set by the shipper but changes based on several variables out of our control (i.e. weight, destination, etc). We thank you for your understanding.

How to order
If you wish to ship to an address in Japan, please place the order on the Japanese language page.
If this is not possible, please place the order by email.

1.Select the desired item(s) and option(s) and add to the cart. (Please register)

2.Confirm that the correct product/item is in the shopping cart

3.Enter Customer information
※* If you register as a member, future orders will go smoothly. Registration is free, easy, and fast.
※* We encourage you to become a member. Membership is free and qualifies you for exclusive benefits such as coupons and special campaigns

4.Proceed to the Check Out

5.Select the delivery address and payment method
Payment methods accepted:Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB / Paypal.
Delivery method:Shipping outside Japan will be by EMS or FedEx.
The customer is responsible for any customs, duty, or other taxes that are required on the shipment declaration.
Please contact the customs office of the destination country for the specific amount/details.

6.Proceed to order confirmation, and if the details are correct, press "Place an order" to submit the order.

The above is the ordering method.
After we have reviewed and accepted the order, we will send an order confirmation email from "Iwata Shokai".
* If a confirmation email is not received, please check your junk/spam mail folder. You may need to whitelist iwataco@m13.alpha-net.ne.jp

To place Bulk or Special orders, which can not be completed online, please contact us directly at iwataco@m13.alpha-net.ne.jp or from the inquiry form.

Embroidery Location
Ordering a product (e.g., dogi, obi, hakama, etc.) and ordering embroidery for that product are separate transactions.
If you would like to request embroidery, please go to the "Embroidery" page and select the product you wish to embroider and the embroidery details.

■ Belt embroidery (excluding unbleached white belts, bleached white belts, and colored belts), is done before sewing the belt closed.
Traces of the embroidery can not be seen on the reverse side of the belt.
(Standard/embroidered before assembly) and this means different characters can be on front and reverse sides of the same side of the belt.
Since Iwata Shokai uses the above method, the cross-stitch thread is visible over the embroidery.
For White belts, bleached belts, and colored belts, which are in stock, there is no visible cross-stitch through the embroidery.
This is because we embroider these belts after.
completion.-"Non-Standard"(embroidered after assembly)
Standard Font Size Location Embroidery type Type Change
Black belt A, B, C and brown Appx. 2.5㎝×2.5㎝ Both Sides and Front and Reverse Sides Standard (embroidered before assembly) Yes
Aiki Belt/YUI Appx.1.6㎝×1.6㎝ Front(surface) Label side and Side without label Standard (embroidered before assembly) Yes
Unbleached white, Bleached white and color belts Appx.2.5㎝×2.5㎝ Front(surface) Label side and Side without label Non-Standard(Belt embroidered after assembly.Visible reverse side). No
Product selection and embroidery selection are two different forms. If you wish to embroider a product, when purchasing, please select the embroidery option when selecting the product.
In the options, please select the number of characters, embroidery color, font, and embroidery location. Then enter the desired character(s) in the memo field.
* For embroidered products, please see the individual product description column orPlease click here

For those that wish to convert a non-Japanese word into katakana, if you are unable to do so yourself, please contact us before placing the order.
Please Note:
When using katakana, there may be some discrepancy between the Japanese pronunciation and native pronunciation

If there is a discrepancy in the number of characters selected and the number of characters in the memo field, the order can not be executed.

Lead Time and Changes to delivery order (overseas shipping)
If you would like to ship to an address in Japan, please place the order on the Japanese language page. (For customers who would like to ship overseas, please see below
If you are unable to use the Japanese language page, please contact us by email for assistance.

Lead Time
After the payment was confirmed,
In Stock
(No Embroidery)
In Stock
Out of Stock Custom Orders Cotton Hakama
Estimated Shipping Date Within 3 Business Days Appx.10 business days 2-4 Weeks
If additional time is required Iwata Shokai will contact the customer.

Order change/cancellation

Non-members: All requests for cancellations will be accepted by email until one business day after the order was submitted. (Japan time)

Members: Cancellations will be accepted up until 36 hours after the initial order confirmation.
Please cancel within 36 hours after placing your order.
* Please note that cancellations will not be accepted after 36 hours.
If you need to change an order, please cancel the order and resubmit a new order with the requested changes.
Cancellation method: Login from My Account → "Order History" → "Confirm Order Details" in the details column → "Cancel Order" in red → "OK" → Cancellation completed

Returns and Exchanges
Please carefully check the delivery upon arrival.
Please retain all documents, packing materials, etc. received until you confirm that the delivered product is correct.

If an incorrect/incomplete order arrives due to our error, we will exchange it.
(We do not accept returns or exchanges of products that are not the result of our error.)
If you wish to return or exchange an item, please be sure to contact us by email within 7 days from the arrival date of the item.
* For items damaged during shipping, Please keep the item in the same condition received and contact the delivery company immediately.
Conditions returns/exchanges
Only products purchased at the Iwata Shokai online store are eligible.
Limited to unused/unwashed. Unopened shrink wrap for weapons and accessories.
Limited 7 days after delivery.
Returns and exchanges are limited to products that are due to an error by Iwata Shokai.
In the case of replacement, regardless of whether embroidered, the product will be replaced with the correct product and size initially ordered.
* Defective Products
We closely inspect all orders before shipping, but in the unlikely event that an order is damaged, if an unreasonable period of time has passed, and the cause cannot be identified, we will not be able to accept returns or exchanges.
Please be sure to contact us within 3 days after the item arrives. Please note that we will not be able to assist you after 3 days.
n rare cases, there may be color unevenness that may appear on the fabric during the processing of raw materials. This is normal and does not indicate a problem with the quality of the product.
We kindly ask for your understanding.
Please check here for the characteristics of the dogi fabric. Link to the features of Dogi

PAYPAL or credit card: We will refund to the same payment method the customer used.

Adding products after placing an order
Members: Within 36 hours after confirming your order, please cancel your order and submit again.
If outside the 36-hour window, please contact us by email
Non-Members: Within 1 business day after confirming your order, please cancel your order and submit again.

Ordering by email
How to order
In addition to over-the-counter sales, we also accept orders by phone, email, or fax.
When ordering by fax or email, please provide the following details.
・Product name/size
・Whether or not to put a embroider (If required, please indicate the location, color, and font. )
・Method of delivery or pick-up. (For delivery, please enter the zip code, address, and phone number.
・Please indicate if you require a 胸紐(chest tie) for the dogi.

[For overseas shipping]
After receiving the order we will send you an estimate.
Shipping outside of Japan will be by EMS or FedEx.
・When receiving the product, the customer must pay any customs, duty, or taxes required.
Please contact the customs office of the destination country for details.

Customers using Gmail
Iwata Shokai usually replied to all emails within 3 business days.
If you do not see a reply from Iwata Shokai, please be sure to whitelist [iwataco@m13.alpha-net.ne.jp] and check your Spam Folder.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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