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Iwata's story

The origin of IWATA
Mankichi Iwata, while working at the Kodokan, began to make Judo-gi under the supervision of Jigoro Kano and founded "Iwata Ju-ken-Dogi shokai (The shop was located inside Kodokan)

The origin of the Iwata Shokai Trademark, ”Hakusen-Jirushi"(Crossed White Fans), dates back to the early days of the Kodokan.
At that time, when one asked for permission to enter the Kodokan as a disciple, one placed a white fan in front of themselves when making the request.
Jigoro Kano created and presented the trademark to us at that time.

What Iwata Shokai developed
For JUDO At this time, we developed products such as Kannuki ※ and Women started putting white line on black belt. ※2 Kohaku-obi with Jigoro Kano. ※3

※ A loop that is placed on the pants to fix the cord used to cinch the pants are called Kannuki.
※2 As Women’s training became more popular and the numbers of practitioners grew the black belt with a white line through it was created.
※3 A red and white paneled belt.

Started manufacturing of the first Aikido specific dogi.

All Aikido products were developed independently of our existing Judo products based upon the input of instructors, the movement unique to Aikido, and to meet the specific needs of the Aikido practitioner.

<Examples of changes that were made due to the feedback from customers.>
・ It should be strong as a Judo-gi, but should be easier to move in and slimmer in design.
・ Developed a light, durable dogi manufactured from a softer material. This allows for easy movement when training.
・ Modified knee pads to minimize wear on Dogi-pants. Enlarged knee pads to protect the practitioner’s knees.
・ Front Fly(open) Pants
・ Improved the Koshiita(backboard) and made it from rubber so that there is less discomfort at the waist.
・ Reinforced the crotch and the side of Hakama
・ Improved the front-back-belt of Hakama (Making them thicker and longer compared to other martial arts' belts)
We always keep in mind to take feedback of customer, and make products that fit for everyone.

Grand Master Morihei Ueshiba’s Uniform
This GI uniform worn by the Grand master Morihei Ueshiba created by Iwata Shokai and is currently being exhibited at the Yubetsu-cho regional museum in Hokkaido.